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Hello All…A Few New Product Formulas  Have Been Finalized and are Ready for You!

  1.  Natural Retinol Cream – I make this with senna pods, Irish Moss, Green Tea, Bee Propolis, Rice Bran Oil and a mix of Essential Oils. Our “Testers” Have all Reported..I LOVE THIS CREAM!!..lol…Anyway ….I am very pleased with the results.
  2. New Psoriasis Cream.  Again our Testers (just clients like you who volunteer and asses the efficacy of a new product) ..some of who have very stubborn forms of Psoriasis..all report healing of Psoriasis and alleviation of their Disease state (progress reports range from 50 to 75% better with 2 weeks of product use) With their permission..I will post some pics and their ongoing comments on our blog page.
  3. Plain Calendula Oil, Arnica Oil, Arnica CFB in an easy application oil for Massage.  We offer a 1 and 2% Arnica or Calendula solution.  These Oils are not infusions..not made with flower petals steeped in a carrier oil.. These oils are from the Absolutes and are standardized the best I can (please remember I have no lab, mass spec or other such apparatus) They are much stronger than what you can obtain from simply steeping petals.
  4. Gardener’s Hand Cream..I made this for my mom who volunteers at her local elementary school teaching the wee ones a love for gardening…then goes home and works in her own garden…wow….right?..anyway I shared some of my “mom’s cream” with a client I am very fond of and…she wants to order it…lol..”But it’s not on the web site, I just make it for my mom..because it’s a pain to make and takes all day” says I…..”Put it on the site” says she…lol….here it is Mrs Ellen….
  5. New Perfumes and Scents..too many to list just go to the page..lol
  6. New Spice Mixes..ahhhhhh..just go the page!
  7. Natural Mosquito Repellant…it is of course is not as effective as DEET…but it does work and is all natural! Safe for kids and old fat ladies who do lots of gardening…lol…
  8. Under Eye Dark Circle Cream or Serum…for healing the dark circles under your eyes.

I am hoping to get round to a discussion blog/page on the formulas I have on the back burner so to speak and am hoping to get out to you soon.  They are

  1.  A foaming creamy cleanser made with silk.  I was hoping to make one for women, then morph the formula into a shaving cream/lotion/bar for men and women..still working on it…very close now.
  2. Natural Bronzing Cream…I am really close on this one..it was a interesting twist we, actually my partner discovered…..blah blah.., funny story..that is why I need to do a blog page when doing our creations…funny stuff…. (we..my partner in creation..I tell her we should rename the business…2 Old Fat Ladies…she was not amused…lol….”we are not old or fat” says she…..”yes we are” says I) But I am getting lost here….Yes….topic was Bronzing Cream..almost ready for us who do not tolerate the sun well yet need a bit o’ color…
  3. Puffy under eyes Cream…so a client comes to me and show me a youtube video of a cream that in a matter of 1 or 2 minutes reduces the puffy under eye area.  “Can you make this” says she…”Hmmmm” says I…..almost ready for trials..so if you would like to volunteer to “guinea pig” this product..let me know..qualifications are simple..you need to have puffy eyes..lol..

I want to say Thank YOU to Bridget, the owner of “Flowers for the People” in Saint Louis....She is a vendor of ours and carries a variety of our floral scented creams in her Awesome Flower shop.  If you are looking for flowers…go see Bridgete…a neat young lady and in my vernacular….she’s groovy!

Cook with More Herbs and More Spices….The Rest of the World Does….

Try a Few of our Spices Mixes…and Add some Zing to your Dishes!  Our Herbs and Spices are Fresh and Less Expensive than the big box stores!..You know who I mean…Shop Local..Get Fresh..Save Money!

To our Returning Customers, a few things have changed.  But our Free Delivery for Saint Louis policy had not!!

 If you are looking for a Finished Product…look under “Product Use”, Example… if looking for ARNICA CFB go to PRODUCT USE..PAIN..then all (well, not ALL, I am still loading products) our finished products for pain will come up.

If you are looking for a particular herb or oil for a specific purpose look under “Use of Herbs/Oils”  Example..if looking for an single herb or oil that will help you sleep (not a finished product) ..go to USE OF HERBS/OILS….SEDATION/SLEEP…and you will find all the herbs and oils, that we carry anyway, that cause sedation or induce sleep.

If Looking for our Fresh Ground Spice Mixes it will be under Herbs/Spices/Botanicals…as Mixed Spices and in General Grocery.  Any feedback/ input from our clients will be greatly appreciated !!!!  After all, it’s about helping you find what you need quickly!

Today I am working on loading up herbal and spice mixes…

Drop us an email If you would like any information at all.

Again, A Great Big Thanks To All Our Clients!….





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